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Gemini™ Intellifresh Single Brewer

Was: $2,502.86 Now: $1,853.97

Gemini™ Intellifresh Single Brewer Perfect Heat, Perfect Timing, Perfect Brew. Brew the Perfect Cup Now. Serve the Perfect Cup Later. Brew and hold your coffee at the perfect temperature for as long as you want. IntelliFresh™ remembers so you don't have to. Once you press brew, your pre-programmed freshness requirements and desired warming temperature are automatically set. IntelliFresh™ Satellite Servers are smart. They remember these settings - not only while at the brewer, but at the remote serving stand too. The exclusive design envelops the satellite vessel with gentle, digital controlled warmth, so the last cup you serve will always taste as fresh as the first. The Gold Cup Series™ Gemini® IntelliFresh™ proves that high-end brewing systems don't have to be costly and complex to serve perfect coffee.