Black & Decker 5103069-12 18-Volt Ni-MH Slide-In Style Charger


Black & Decker 5103069-12 18-Volt Ni-MH Slide-In Style Charger The Black and Decker 5103069-12 Slide In Style Charger is an OEM replacement part compatible with many Black and Decker, Delta and Porter Cable machines, including models: NST2018 Type 7, PS1800K Type 6, BDCS1800 Type-1, BDG1800 Type-1, BDGL18 Type-1, BDGL1800 Type-1, BDGL18K-2 Type-1, BDPHS180G Type-1, BDRS1800 Type-1, BDS1801 Type-1, BDS1802G Type-1, CD180S Type-2, CD182 Type-1, CD182K-2 Type-1, CD18GSR Type-1, CD18SFRK Type-1, CD18SFRK Type-3, CD18SK-2 Type-1, CD18SR Type-2, CDC1800 Type-1, CDC180AK Type-1, CDC180ASB Type-1, CDC180ASB Type-2, CRS180B Type-1, CS180B Type-1, CS180B Type-2, FS1800CS Type-1, FS1800RS Type-1, FS1802D Type-2, FS1802S Type-1, FS1806CS Type-1, FS1807CS Type-1, FS18FL Type-1, FS18JS Type-1, FS18S Type-1, FS18SS Type-1, FSD182K-2 Type-1, FSD182K-2 Type-2, FSD182K-2 Type-3, FSD182K-2 Type-4, FSL18 Type-3, HP1800 Type-1, HPD18A Type-1, HPD18AK-2 Type-1, NPS018 Type-1, NPS1018 Type-1, NS118B Type-1, NS118-P Type-1, NST2018 Type-1, NST2018 Type-2, NST2018L Type-2, PC18RS Type-1, PS1800 Type-2, PS180S Type-1, PSO1800 Type-1, PSO1800 Type-2, SPV1800 Type-1, SPV180F Type-1, NHT518, NPP2018, NPS1018, NS118, CCS818, FS1802BNB, GC818, NLP1800, NPT318, FS18CS, FS18HV and FS18PS. It weighs 0.40-pounds. Since 1910, Black and Decker has been setting the standard for innovation and design of power tools, accessories, outdoor yard care equipment, home cleaning products, automotive and lighting products, hardware and other home improvement products.

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