GT ComboBrew, Coffee or Tea
Was: $1,152.77 Now: $854.38

GT ComboBrew, Coffee or Tea The Curtis GT ComboBrew. Your SINGLE, simple brewing solution for flavorful iced tea and gourmet coffee! Now you can brew delicious iced tea AND rich, robust coffee from the same precision system. With a simple change of brew cone and coffee serving vessel, the new Curtis G3 ComboBrew provides a perfectly brewed coffee. At the center of the ComboBrew is Curtis' exclusive G3 Universal Control Module. This sophisticated digital "brain" provides precision control over the entire brewing and operating process. Its pre-programmed factory settings deliver ideal results right out of the carton. Simply add bulk tea leaves, flowthru filter packs or ground coffee, then press the clearly marked brew button for gallons of cool, flavorful iced tea or rich coffee in just minutes. With the Curtis ComboBrew, gourmet coffee brewing is not an afterthought...the system has been engineered to provide the same brewing features as our G3 Airpot system.

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