G3 Primo Cappuccino Iced Coffee, Three Station

Was: $2,419.48 Now: $1,792.21

G3 Primo Cappuccino Iced Coffee, Three Station The Curtis G3 Primo Cappuccino Dispenser Beautifully styled, digitally advanced and financially rewarding, there's never been anything like the G3 Primo Cappuccino™ Machine from Curtis. The first thing you'll notice about the Primo Cappuccino is its smooth Euro-Styled lines and cup locator guides. Built right into the oversized alcove, the guides ensure proper alignment with the dispensing nozzle while the increased cup clearance accommodates the most popular cup sizes. The PCGT captures attention from the moment your customers walk in... stimulating more impulse sales. But the real beauty is what lies behind its stunning surface. Curtis has incorporated the industry's most advanced digital technology . G3 ADS™ . into the Primo Cappuccino Machine. It's this G3 technology that dramatically simplifies use, minimizes maintenance costs and increases profitability. Curtis G3 PCGT Machines are avail-able in your choice of models. Select from three, four, or five dispensing heads. Each provides unmatched reliability, serviceability, sales AND more profits than ever before!

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