Milano, Single Brewer
Was: $2,534.63 Now: $1,877.50

Milano, Single Brewer Blending the Art of Coffee. with the Science of Brewing. The new, sophisticated Curtis Milano embodies elegance with an unparalleled, inspiring design that takes gourmet coffee service to the next level. Your customers will be naturally drawn to the elegant, conical shaped stainless steel servers that make every station beautiful. The servers are complemented by the contemporary brewing system featuring black side panels with burgundy accents. Enjoy maximum handling convenience provided by side curvatures and an integral handle located at the top of the server. Integral quality timers ensure optimum coffee quality. Plus, the round drip trays "nest" to the base, so they stay in place to catch every drip. And, its hide-away cover contains a convenient spare sight glass and cleaning brush. With all of these features and more, the Curtis Milano has the looks and the brains to satisfy your customers like never before.

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