Cafe Oatmeal 3 Station Dispensing System
Was: $1,570.15 Now: $1,163.54

Cafe Oatmeal 3 Station Dispensing System The Curtis Oatmeal Dispensing System - Precise controls for perfect consistency. With digital precision, the Curtis Oatmeal Dispensing System optimizes the blending time of hot water with all natural oatmeal mix to consistently create great tasting oatmeal. No longer do you have to worry about too much water and not enough oatmeal. At the touch of a button, product ratio, mixing time and water temperature are easily adjusted from the front panel without ever opening the machine. Your customer receives a perfect serving of oatmeal . every time. The systems advanced controls and digital components eliminate archaic switches, thermostats, relays, wiring and more. This results in a truly simple operation. With the Curtis precision digital controls, you can use the system with all functions factory pre-set or fine tune the settings to suit your specific needs and flavor requirements.

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