Gemini™ Twin Brewer
Was: $2,403.61 Now: $1,780.45

Gemini™ Twin Brewer Twin 1.5 Gallon Satellite Brewing System Curtis G3 Coffee Brewing Systems are years ahead. These G3 Systems deliver greater precision, more advanced control, quality enhancing features and profit potential than other brewers on the market today. Features: G3 ADS™ Digital Control Module - Encapsulated in high-tech polymer. Impervious to heat, steam and moisture. Provides precise control over all critical functions. Intuitive Scroll-Through Precision Programming - Large, brightly lighted display communicates functions at a glance. Easily adjust time, volume, temperature, brew functions and more. Pre-Set Global Recipes - At the touch of a button - no complex equipment required. Double-wall construction in each Satellite Server helps maintain coffee temperature with minimal heat. Field selectable for One, Two or Three Batch brewing. Enhanced Recovery Circuitry - boosts performance on 220V/single phase models. All features standard from Curtis...extra from others. Curtis Exclusive 3/2/1 Warranty - 3-years electronic components, 2-years non-electronic components, 1-year labor.

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