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PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

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PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Providing maximum sanding speeds needed for smooth finishes the PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander features a controlled finishing system maintaining controllable pad speeds while minimizing gouging during start up. Sander includes a dual plane counter, balanced fan reducing user fatigue, dust-sealed switch protecting against dust ingestion for longer switch life and sealed 100% ball bearing construction. Compatible with 5 and 8 hole hook and loop paper. Porter-Cable's 382 5-inch random orbit sander is ideal for surface prep before painting or staining, smoothing seams where materials meet, or removing old coats of varnish (view larger). The Porter-Cable 382 5-inch random orbit sander is equipped with a slew of features that make it ideal for any number of DIY and professional sanding applications. Ideal for fine sanding and finishing work thanks to its random-pattern sanding that doesn’t leave swirls or gouges in the material—be it metal, wood or composite—the 382 random orbit sander provides maximum sanding speed for smooth finishes. Porter-Cable’s Controlled Finishing System allows for controllable pad speed, especially during startup. Whether you’re preparing a surface for a coat of paint or stain, smoothing seams where pieces of material meet, or removing olds coats of paint or varnish from furniture, the 382 is the lightweight yet powerful random orbit sander to get the job done. Powerful Sander for Fine Finishing The 382 5-inch random orbit sander is equipped with a 1.9-amp motor that is capable of 12,000 OPM, allowing you to power through sanding applications big and small to as fine a finish as you need. Accepting 5-inch 8-hole hook-and-loop sandpaper, the 382 utilizes Porter-Cable’s Controlled Finishing System to maintain controllable pad speed and minimize gouging, making for a consistent finish and extra-smooth surface upon project completion. Its sealed 100-percent ball-bearing construction makes it sturdy and durable, but its