DEWALT D26451 3-Amp 5-Inch Random-Orbit Sander with Cloth Dust Bag


DEWALT D26451 3-Amp 5-Inch Random-Orbit Sander with Cloth Dust Bag Built to deliver smooth, clean finishes, the 5-inch, corded DEWALT random-orbit sander (model D26451) features DEWALT's Controlled Finishing System along with a 3-amp motor and an easy-to-control body with textured grips. A dust bag that helps keep your work space clean, a sealed-switch, and sealed ball bearings round out the sander's durable design. Textured anti-slip top and body grip(view larger). D26451 3-Amp 5-Inch Random-Orbit SanderAt a Glance: 3-amp motor delivers 12,000 OPM for smooth finishes Lightweight, anti-vibration design with textured grips for excellent control Controlled Finishing System prevents gouging at start-up Uses 5-inch, 8-hole hook and loop abrasive papers Includes durable dust bag Three-year limited warranty, one-year free service Controlled Finishing System for Smooth Results This sander's 3-amp motor delivers 12,000 OPM, a sanding speed that's ideal for creating smooth finishes on a variety of work pieces. Its random-orbit motion and 3/32-inch orbit prevent unsightly swirls while allowing for significant material removal. The DEWALT Controlled Finishing System (CFS) controls pad speed and minimizes gouging during start-up, contributing to clean, consistent finished surfaces. Since achieving a great finish is also about how well you're able to control your sander, this tool features a textured anti-slip top and body grip. This keeps you comfortable during extended periods of use and allows for excellent control--no matter how tough the job at hand is. The sander also features a dual-plane counterbalanced fan that improves handling and works to reduce user fatigue, and it weighs in at an easy-to-maneuver 3.4 pounds. Durable, Versatile Design and Quick Disk Changes Sanding produces a lot of dust, which can be hard on electronic and mechanical tool parts over time. This orbital sander's dust-sealed switch and sealed 100 percent ball-bearing construction combine to keep dust and debris away from critical components and ensure a longer tool life. For added convenience, the sander accepts 5-inch, 8-hole hook and loop abrasive paper. This setup allows sanding disks to be switched back and forth quickly and easily, so you never have to choose between maintaining an efficient workflow and utilizing the perfect grit. Convenient, Integrated Dust Management Dust management is critical when performing sanding and stripping tasks, and DEWALT has it covered with a high-capacity dust bag. This bag features a built-in vacuum adapter, so you can choose to utilize it with or without a shop vac or an extractor based on where you are and what applications you tackle most. This 5-inch random-orbit sander comes with a DEWALT warranty package that includes a three-year limited warranty, as well as a one-year free service contract where DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use--for free. What's in the Box One DEWALT D26451 5-inch random-orbit sander and dust bag with vacuum adapter. Dust-sealed switch (view larger). Accepts 5-inch, 8-hole hook and loop paper (view larger).

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